Rebecca Sprague -
Licensed Real Estate Professional
I grew up swimming and enjoying Okauchee Lake and Ice House Bay. My grandpa
built a small cottage there in the 1930's (where my family lived for a short time), and
then they build a ranch home on the lot to the west. My Grandpa used to buy older
cottages and flip them long before it became popular. Many of the cottages on Lindy
Lane and Oak Lane in Okauchee were remodelled and sold by my Grandpa.
I still have family living there.
Okauchee Lake, Waukesha County, WI - My 5th generation family
Welcome to Okauchee, Wisconsin
Lake Country Homes & History

In 1848, John S. Rockwell and others promoted a Plank Road (tollroad)  from Milwaukee to Watertown (approximately 58
miles). It was completed in 1853 and helped to promote the settling of our lake country area. Toll gates were every 5 or
10 miles, one in Okauchee, and the toll varied depending on the number or horses (or cattle) one or two cents.
Roy Mahnke, Okauchee
Stagecoach House, Okauchee
Downtown Okauchee, 1905 postcard
Stagecoach House, Okauchee
Ice House bay; Mahnke & Widuch families
Mahnke's cottage on Ice House Bay, Lake Park
Ice House bay; Mahnke & Widuch families
Mahnke's cottage on Ice House Bay, Lake Park
Tony Krause (top) Roy Mahnke, my Grandpa (below)
Great Grandma Christina
Wallrabenstein Mahnke, at Nickels Pt
Great Grandpa Ed Mahnke, Nor
Mahnke, and Great, Great
Grandma Minnie Mahnke looking
out from cottage at Nickels Pt
My Great, Great Grandparents Theo
& Minnie Mahnke, with
daughter-in-law Christina Mahnke,
my Great Grandma on Nickels Pt.
Ed Mahnke, checking the mail
that arrives by boat.
From Left to Right: Flora (Mahnke) Kalb, Minnie Mahnke, Christina Mahnke, Alma (Mahnke) Ohl, Elsie (Mahnke) Arndt
and on the bottom, in the middle, my Grandpa, Roy Mahnke.